Healing: The Lesson of Meekness

“Blessed are the meek: for they shall possess the land.”

It is quite confusing why this is eminently different from the beatitude of the world! For the world blesses not the meek, but the vindictive; it praises not the one who turns the other cheek, but the one who pronounces evil; it exalts not the humble, but the proud.

Our God Almighty both preached and practiced meekness! Yes! He taught us not to throw stones back on our enemies. He taught us not to use our blessings and power to hurt other people. He taught us to love each other, even our enemies.

Christian meekness is not cowardice;meekness is not an easy-going temperament, sluggish, and hard to arouse; meekness is not a spineless passivity that allows everyone to walk over us No! Meekness is self-possession. That is why the reward of meekness is possession [of the earth].

It is true, it is so hard to be meek, especially when you have wrong understanding of how to be one. I once taught that being meek is to be weak, to refuse fights, not to be angry and not to acknowledge God’s gifts (abilities, skills and talents) by belittling yourself.

But all of these are not the real meaning of meekness. Meekness is the virtue that control the combative, violent, and pugnacious powers of our nature, and us therefore the best and noblest road to self-realization. A meek person will never fight when his conceit is attacked, but only when a principle is at stake. The anger of a meek person is not based on selfishness but righteousness. A meek person is so possessed, he never allows his fists to go up for an unholy purpose, or in defense of his pride or vanity, or conceit, or because he wants the wealth of another. Only the principles of God’s righteousness arouse a meek person.

Selfishness is the world’s greatest sin; that is why it is jealous of those who have more; why it us envious of those who do more; why it dislikes those who refuses to flatter, and why it scorns those who tell us the truth about ourselves; its whole life is inspired by the egotistical, the personal, and its wrath is born of that self-love.

To pray, to forgive and to receive. That’s what we need to do. Be glad and rejoice for every pain you have right now. It will harm only our pride, not our character; it will cauterise our conceit, but not the blemish of our soul-for the very insult of the world is the consecration of our goodness.

We will not be loved by our meekness, and it will be hard for us not to be angry when our conceit and our pride, and possibly our possessions, are attacked, but there is no escaping the Divine injuction”Blessed are you when they shall revile you, persecute you, and speak all that is evil against you, untruly, for my sake: Be glad and rejoice for your reward is very great in heaven”.

No… Wait… YES!

I am stubborn! I am impatient! I usually always want things to happen according to my plans. But… that was me 2 years ago.

Now, I can confidently say that I have grown up and changed for the best.

I can still remember that day when God said “NO” when I want to proceed my application in one of the prestigious universities in the Philippines. That time, I know it’s actually not feasible for me to study there because of financial issues and because it will not let me proceed with the course I’ve always wanted, which is Psychology. That time, I am aiming for the best university to avoid being judged by others and to maintain the fame that I have. I complained a lot to Him and even questioned Him. But now, I understand why he said “NO” and it’s because being able to complete your degree in a prestigious and well-known university is not as important as being able to study and work in a field that you are really passionate with. I actually can’t imagine myself now being a nutritionist if I proceeded with my own ways. And I am very happy now working with a lot of people experiencing different kinds of disabilities and mental illnesses and being able to help them individually and their families. Thank you, Lord! Thank you for saying “NO.”

WAIT! He said that to me quite few times in life. But my patience is not that high to tolerate waiting for the things that I really wanted. During those times that I am looking for work, He never fails in giving me various opportunities to work with different organisations, which helps me with my financial needs. However, it’s not the work that I am praying for. But, it’s true, you just need to wait for His timing and He will give you the best. A year ago, I am looking for behaviour therapist job opportunities here in Melbourne and I really struggled a lot in finding one. I experienced a lot of rejections which made me think of giving up. And finally, I got one! And then I realised, He didn’t give it to me before because my schedules are not fixed, I don’t have a car, and I need more hours of work because of the tuition fees that I need to pay. And if I worked there earlier, I might ruined the schedule of the organisation and end up having a bad reputation, I might also had a hard time getting from one client to another if I used the public transportation and I might struggle more in paying my tuition fees because of the limited time that I can work. At the same time, I might not yet ready for that job because I am still adjusting here in Melbourne. Discernment is not my expertise. I am usually agrressive to grab opportunities given to me. But now, I have learned how to wait, pray, and discern properly and according to His time and His will.

Lastly, a big YES from God. It is when a certain blessing or gift was given to you in the least expected way, time, and setting. It might also be something that you have been praying for but not expecting it to get immediately. It’s like when I found the love of my life (a bit cheesy) haha. He’s my God’s Greatest Gorgeous Gift. We’re not a perfect couple but there’s something greater than being perfect; it is when both of you are working so hard to make your relationship last forever. A relationship full of love, trust, and respect. A relationship that knows how to honour both of our parents. A relationship without competition. A relationship with pure and Godly love. Love that is patient, kind, selfless, not easily angered, protects, hopes, and always perseveres. God gave me the best! A person who will not leave me at my worst. A person who will always pray for me. A person who wants the best for me. A person who will take good care of me. A person that respects me. He’s one of my favourite YESES in life!

All of us might experienced or currently experiencing a NO, WAIT, and YES from God. But I am a living witness of His greatest love and mercy for everyone of us. We just need to trust Him. He has a reason for everything and believe me when I say that He wants the best for us and He will never leave us because He LOVES us! Always pray for a humble heart! A heart that will always trust Him; a heart that knows how to accept His noes; a heart that will patiently wait for His answers; and a heart that will praise His name for His big YESES!

Miracales do happen everyday! ❤️

And for that, May God be Praised!

Compassion, Love, and Food for My Soul

It’s been almost 23 years since I started to run in the endless road of life. Looking at new born babies, I would say that compassion, love, and food were the only things I need in this world back then. But things have changed and my needs also changes. In fact, the time has come where these three things are not enough and will never be enough.

Looking back at my childhood days, where attention from my parents were the greatest reward I could ever received. I am the happiest kid in this world when I got praised by them for doing something good. It makes me feel like I will do great in my journey to adulthood. But things changed over time. I started to build relationships outside our house, which made me crave for the attention of others too. I actually became a people pleaser thinking that it’s the only way to be good; not being aware that it starts to ruin the goodness in me.

Compassion. It is where my faithfulness in humanity started. I used to believe that every person has kindness and humility in his/her heart. I thought that everyone has a helping hand to those who are in need. I thought that everyone has a genuine sympathetic pity and concern for the misfortune of others. I thought that it is where the love started to grow for each other. Unfortunately, compassionate heart does not exist to everyone. I searched a million times to hold on, but I end up seeing it in a very few people. It is where I started to look for more. My need of compassion grows bigger by asking equality in everything that I will do. I should not be the only one giving, I should also gain something! I started to be kind, to only those who are also kind to me. I only offer my hand to those who have the capability of also helping me in the future. Respect is also something I am not just throwing away, it became something that others should gain.

Love. I used to believe that love is the most beautiful thing. But my roller coaster experiences in life made me feel upside down about love. Love is blind and love is hate.

I’ve always wanted to spread love. It’s actually my childhood goal, but my childhood experiences captured my very soul; it made my love love love turned into HATE. I cried so many times, I got mad and screamed so loud, and also asked Him WHY. But I am left with nothing and no one. It is where I started to easily hate and to struggle loving others. It is where I started to envy others and stop loving who I am, in fact, I started to hate myself. It is where I stopped seeing Christ to everyone. I was blinded, yes! It is because I believed so much in love. I believed so much in the power of love! And now, love would never be enough.It takes a lot of time, effort, respect, and trust before giving it away to someone.

Food. Food for my tummy is enough back then. When I cried mum only needs to give me some food to eat and a milk to drink and that’s it! I’m the happiest child ever! As I grow older, food for my tummy will never satisfy my cravings anymore. I crave for too much in this world; I crave for successful relationship with my family; I crave for a genuine friendship; I crave for fame; I crave for intelligence; I crave for beauty; and I crave for more and more. Endless MORE!

Until one day, as I look myself in the mirror, I saw too much scars, not on my body, but in my eyes. Scars made by being envy of asking too much, not only to myself but also from the people that surrounds me.

I paused for a while, I closed my eyes and prayed. That’s the first time I felt the satisfaction within me. As I opened my eyes, I realised that compassion, love, and food were still too much to satisfy my soul.

If I will just…

STOP asking too much from myself and from others. I have learned that it is about my willingness to take small steps in accepting, loving, and be thankful for who I am and to spread compassion and love that lies within my soul. It’s about being ready to give and to help without asking if I will gain something from it. It’s about loving without being afraid to hate and to forgive. It’s about feeding yourself not only with the most delicious and most expensive cuisine in the world. It’s about feeding yourself with respect, trust, love to yourself and others. And to feed yourself with the scriptures that will guide you during those times that you don’t know anymore how to be compassionate to others, how to love and forgive, and when the time has come that you are craving too much of the things this world is blinding you with.

Lastly, I learned that I only need to take a deep breath and pray. It works! You only need to wait for his answer, and then you’ll see the goodness in everything.

“It is about being contented to what you can give and what others can give.”

And it is also about seeing CHRIST in every person that we are encountering and acting in the likeness of Him”


“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.”

-Philippians 4:11